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we are linen, lace, and a little bit of hood

an organic café: weaving imagination for the arts inspiring healthy & creative living around the world to inspire grassroots community development for the mind, body, and world.

organic & culturally inspired café

small bites

we serve organically crafted small bits with locally sourced seasonal produce to pair with your coffee or tea.  Enjoy soup, salad, sandwiches, and smoothies crafted for all styles. Pre-order service is available.


Fresh cakes and breads available at the bar, made fresh everyday

traditional breads: Harvest Date & Pine Nut, Whole Wheat, Traditional White

We Feature Masters of their Craft

LaTana Italian Bakery,  available Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, and weekend small bites from Moss Rock Cafe

café bar

Torrefazione Italia


Silk Road Tea

Salt Spring Island Kombucha

Fresh Fruit Smoothies

Gelato treats


what is your passion?

about us

We are linen, lace and a little bit of hood …


to cultivate creativity, innovation and leadership for all ages and abilities.


From 1996 we have been committed to grassroots community development through active contribution and sharing experiences to enrich lives through experiential learning.

open space series

Visit our studio page for a series of events:

Sue Decker and Friends

South Island Music Studio

art gallery : Shauer Yourself Art by Eddie Shauer

studio space

our studio café is a creative, welcome space.  the open design works in unison with experiential programs, executive retreat, board meeting, pop-up dinner, art exhibit, live music,  and workshops.

Food unites every single person on the planet, it crosses over gender, ethnicity,  and geographical borders. People light up when you talk about food because it’s universal.

— Steve Walker-Duncan, Department Chair, Culinary Arts, Camosun College

visit us  | 31 Erie Street, Victoria, BC, V8V 1P8,

call us | Tel: 250.812.7651

email us | imaginestudiocafe@gmail.com

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